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I firmly believe that to achieve optimal quality of life following a diagnosis of breast cancer we need to empower the patient and their carers with up to date education and treatment techniques - not just for breast cancer, but for the side effects of breast cancer treatment. Most people don't realise that surviving breast cancer is often just the beginning.

Breast cancer recovery, health
and well-being.

Jen McKenzie
- Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist

The impact of breast cancer doesn't stop after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Breast cancer can have an influence on every corner of your life.

Many issues arise following treatment for breast cancer, but these issues don't often get the time or attention required during the initial treatment phases.

Reclaim your
healing and health.

Jen McKenzie in a nutshell

Jen is a Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist who is passionate about caring for patients during and after breast cancer treatment.

She is also a co-director of The McKenzie Clinic - an Allied Health private practice on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, specialising in breast cancer rehabilitation, therapy and exercise.

Dedicated youtube channel
to breast cancer education.

On Jen's Youtube Channel, "The Breast Cancer Physio", you will find a range of videos featuring education tutorials on everything breast cancer for men and women, short Q&As answering subscriber questions including interviews with health and medical professionals specialising in breast cancer as well as survivors and other industry leaders in the breast cancer treatment and rehabilitation fields where we will explore the more complex topics in detail.

Subscribers can ask questions, participate, and join Jen in helping you to navigate the experience of breast cancer so YOU can return to your most optimal health following surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Jen McKenzie - The Breast Cancer Physio

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